About My Shop

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About ME

Hello! Thank you for looking at my store! 


All jewelry is made by me, Kayla!  Some shells and rocks I hand pick from the Great Lakes and other rocks from local shops. I hope a piece helps channel your inner free spirit. 


My Goal

Offering handmade bohemian style jewelry that reflects on natures beauty. I want everyoneto find a piece of jewelry that is unique and speaks to them! 


Why bluebird Charm?

 As a child my mum had a bluebird that represented happiness, and I loved that little trinket. I want everyone to find their bluebird of happiness in the form of jewelry!


Defenders of Wildlife Bracelets

I have a passion for our environmental and love animals. I have personally donated to Defenders of Wildlife and love their mission. Under the Defenders of Wildlife bracelet tab, you will find bracelets that include a donation to Defenders of Wildlife. For every sale of these bracelets, a dollar will be donated. I encourage you to check out this get organization!